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Thomas Bartholomew born abt 1760 Westminster, Middlesex, England.
Married 28/Aug/1780 St. Margaret's Westminster.
Brides father Pierce Griffyth.
Wife Amelia Maria Griffyth born abt 1760, Bapt 24/Feb/1760 Stoke Damerel,
Devon, England.
The children of Thomas Bartholomew and Amelia Maria Griffyth were.

Amelia Bartholomew born 28/Mar/1783, Bapt 03/Apr/1783 Lying In Hospital,
Endell Street, Holborn, London.
Thomas Bartholomew born 10/Aug/1785, Bapt 11/Aug/1785, died 23/Aug/1785
Lying In Hospital, Endell Street, Holborn, London.
Thomas Bartholomew born 13/Jan/1788, Bapt 24/Jan/1788 Lying In Hospital,
Endell Street, Holborn, London.
John Pratt Bartholomew born 11/May/1790, Bapt 18/May/1790 St.James,
Westminster, Middlesex a Shoemaker.
Charles Edward Bartholomew born abt 1793, Bapt 27/Jul/1793, died 1795
St. James, Westminster, Middlesex.


John Pratt Bartholomew 1790
Married 31/May/1812 St. James, Westminster.
Brides father Richard Townsend.
Witnesses B Scott and Ann Harrison.
Wife Jane Townsend born 26/Mar/1792, Bapt 22/Apr/1792 St.James,
Westminster, Middlesex.
The children of John Pratt Bartholomew and Jane Townsend were.

Benjamin Tuckey Bartholomew born 19/Feb/1814, Heddon St, Westminster,
Bapt 20/Mar/1814, buried 02/Oct/1814 St. James, Westminster, Middlesex.
Benjamin Scott Bartholomew born 25/Jun/1815, Bapt 29/Oct/1815
St.James, Westminster, died 01/Dec/1875 Silver St, Westminster a Shoemaker.
Amelia Townsend Bartholomew born 09/Jan/1817, Bapt 02/Feb/1817
St.James, Westminster, Middlesex, died 1874 St.Giles, London.
George Bartholomew born 23/Sep/1818, Bapt 18/Oct/1818 St.James,
Westminster a Cordwainer and Shoemaker.
Thomas Bartholomew born 21/May/1820, Bapt 11/Jun/1820, died 1820
St.James, Westminster, Middlesex.
Thomas Joseph Bartholomew born 21/Oct/1821, Bapt 03/Feb/1823 St.James,
Westminster, died 1857 Marylebone a Shoemaker.
Jane Susan Bartholomew born 24/Oct/1823, Bapt 14/Dec/1823 St.James,
Westminster, Middlesex.
Cecilia Bartholomew born 21/Apr/1825, Bapt 05/Aug/1827 St.James,
Westminster, Middlesex.


Benjamin Scott Bartholomew 1815-1875
Married 22/Oct/1835 St.Marylebone, London.
Witnesses William Griffiths and Martha Griffiths.
Wife Louisa Green born abt 1812 St. George, Westminster, died 01/Apr/1900
10, Hayles Buildings. Hayles Street, Southwark, a Shoe Brander.
The children of Benjamin Scott Bartholomew and Louisa Green were.

Thomas Bartholomew born 04/Dec/1835, Bapt 04/Dec/1835 St.James, Westminster.
William Bartholomew born 07/Apr/1838 Heddon St, St.James, Middlesex, an
Architect, Draughtsman and Builder.
John Griffiths Bartholomew born 17/Dec/1838, Bapt 17/Jun/1840 St.James,
Westminster, London, died Jun/1918 St.Martin, London, a Postman.
Benjamin Bartholomew born 09/Aug/1840, Bapt 31/Aug/1840 St.James, Westminster
a Furniture polisher and Pianofinisher.
Joseph Thomas Bartholomew born 22/Aug/1842, died 1843 St.James, Westminster, Middx.
Louisa Susannah Bartholomew born 07/Jul/1845, Bapt 27/Jul/1845 St.James.
Joseph Richard Bartholomew born 30/Apr/1848 St. James, Westminster, died
12/May/1934 Selhurst, Croydon, Buried 17/May/1934 in Queens Rd, Cemetery, Croydon a Joiner.
Susan Jane Bartholomew born 10/Apr/1851 16 Silver St, St.James, Westminster,
Bapt 18/May/1851 St. James, Westminster.
Harry Thomas Bartholomew born 20/Mar/1853 St.James, Westminster, died 1891
Greenwich, Kent a Solicitor's Clerk, Conveyancing.
Martha Alice Bartholomew born 03/Nov/1856 St.James, Wesminster, Bapt
04/Jan/1857 St. James, Westminster.


George Bartholomew 1818
Married 1st Wife 1839 Westminster St.Margaret, London.
Brides father Robert Dunnett of Woodbridge, Suffolk a Horse Farrier.
Witnesses Amelia North and George North.
1st Wife Jane Susanna Dunnett born 21/Oct/1822 Westminster, London.
The children of George Bartholomew and Jane Susanna Dunnett were.

George Bartholomew born abt 1840 Leather Holborn, Lancashire
Henry Bartholomew born abt 1842 St.John, Westminster, Middlesex
Werier Bartholomew born abt 1845 St.Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex
Thomas Bartholomew born abt 1848 St.Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex
Walter Bartholomew born abt 1849 St.Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex
Amelia Bartholomew born abt 1850 St.Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex
Alfred Bartholomew born abt 1852 St.Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex
Alice Bartholomew born abt 1852 St.Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex
Matilda Bartholomew born abt 1856 St.Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex

George Bartholomew 1818
Married 2nd Wife 10/Sep/1860 St.Mary, Lambeth, Surrey
Brides father Robert Dunnett of Woodbridge, Suffolk a Horse Farrier.
Witnesses T Tuttell and H Howell.
2nd Wife and sister of 1st Wife Matilda Ann Dunnett born 03/Mar/1840
St.John The Evangelist, Westminster.


Thomas Bartholomew 1821-1857 Married 03/Dec/1843 St.John's the Evangelist Church, Paddington.
Witnesses John Pratt and Florence Pratt.
Brides father Charles Giles a Servant.
Wife Sarah Ann Giles born 23/Mar/1824, Bapt 25/Apr/1824 St.Mary, Marylebone,
died St.George East, London, a Dressmaker.
The children of Thomas Bartholomew and Sarah Ann Giles were.

William Robert Bartholomew born abt 1844 London, died 01/Aug/1884
Stamford Hill, Middlesex, a Licensed Victualler of The Duke public house,
East Grove, Hackney.
Hugh Giles Bartholomew born abt 1845, 18 Paradise St, Marylebone, London,
Bapt 08/Mar/1846 St.Mary, Marylebone, London.
Reuben Bartholomew born abt 1847, Marylebone, London, Bapt 11/Jun/1848
St. Mary, Marylebone, London.
Elizabeth Sarah Bartholomew born abt 1849, Marylebone, London, Bapt
25/Aug/1850 St. Mary, Marylebone, London.
Thomas Joseph Bartholomew born 03/May/1852, Marylebone, London, Bapt
05/Sep/1852 St.Mary, Marylebone, died 15/Oct/1854, Marylebone, London.
Sarah Anna Bartholomew born 21/Nov/1853, Marylebone, London, Bapt 04/Jun/1854
St.Mary, Marylebone, London.
Harriett Amelia Bartholomew born 15/Mar/1857, Marylebone, London, Bapt
13/May/1857 St.Mary, Marylebone, London.


William Bartholomew 1838-
Married 1st Wife Dec/1860 Saint Giles, London.
Brides father James Vardon 1808-1859 of St.James, Westminster a Master plumber.
1st Wife Mary Anne Vardon born 06/Feb/1838 18 Wardour St, St.Anne, Westminster.
Died day after giving birth to William Joseph Bartholomew 27/Dec/1868
Croydon, Surrey.
The children of William Bartholomew and Mary Anne Vardon were.

Frederick Robert Bartholomew born 27/May/1858, Bapt 11/Jul/1860 St.James,
Westminster, a Troop Sergeant Major, 21st Hussars, later Squadron Sergeant Major,
Royal Imperials Wilts. Yeomanry in 1903 and Army Pensioner Clerk.
Benjamin Bartholomew born 06/Aug/1859 Stephen St, St.James, Westminster,
Bapt 11/Jul/1860 St.James, Westminster, Served in Army Service Corps, Woolwich
Barracks and Colewort Barracks, Portsmouth.


Louisa Lydia Bartholomew 1861-1943.

Louisa Lydia Bartholomew born 06/Mar/1861 2 Marlborough Row, St.James,
Westminster, died 29/Oct/1943 Hammersmith.
Arthur Griffiths Bartholomew born 01/May/1863 Weston Super Mare, Somerset,
Bapt 27/Dec/1863 St.James, Westminster, died 1944 Croydon, Surrey, a Stationers
Stores Assistant.
Herbert Scott Bartholomew born 02/May/1865 Croydon, Surrey, Bapt 25/Jun/1865
St.James, Westminster, died 1865 Croydon, Surrey, Buried 31/Dec/1865 at Queens Road
Cemetery, Croydon
Albert Edward Bartholomew born 13/Dec/1866 Croydon, Surrey, Bapt 23/Jun/1867
St.James, Westminster.
William Joseph Bartholomew born 18/Dec/1868 Croydon, Surrey, Bapt 10/Jan/1869,
died 1868 Croydon, Surrey, Buried 16/Mar/1878 at Queens Road cemetery, Croydon.

William Bartholomew 1838-
Married 2nd Wife 09/Sep/1869 Temp Parish Church, Croydon, Surrey
2nd Wife Mary Ann Wood born abt 1838 Maldon, Essex.
The children of William Bartholomew and Mary Ann Wood were.

Elizabeth Bartholomew born 12/Jul/1870 Croydon, Surrey, Bapt 24/Sep/1870
St.John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey.
Ernest George Bartholomew born 16/Aug/1872, Bapt 16/Aug/1872, Buried
22/Aug/1872 Croydon, Surrey.
James Broderick Bartholomew born abt 1874, Bapt 25/Oct/1874 Christchurch,
Croydon, Surrey a Railway Engine Fitter.
Percy John Bartholomew born 21/Mar/1876 Croydon, Surrey, Bapt 30/Jul/1876
St.James, Westminster.
Minnie Bartholomew born abt 1877 Croydon, Surrey, England.


John Griffiths Bartholomew 1838-1918
Married 04/Mar/1860 St.James, Westminster.
Brides father John Parker of Exeter, Devon a Tailor.
Wife Mary Ann Bennett Parker born abt 1840 Exeter, Devon.
The children of John Griffiths Bartholomew and Mary Ann Bennett Parker were.

Elizabeth Bartholomew born 16/Jun/1862, Bapt 29/Jun/1862 St.James, Westminster.
Joseph Bartholomew born 03/08/1864 St.James, Westminster, Middlesex.
Hortence Elizabeth Bartholomew born abt 1866 St.James, Westminster, Middlesex.
Florence Elizabeth Bartholomew born abt 1868 St.Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex.
Beatrice Bartholomew born abt 1871 St.George Hanover Square, Middlesex.
Leon Jean Bartholomew born abt 1874 St.George Hanover Square, Middlesex an Electrician.
Annie S Bartholomew born abt 1882 London a Dressmaker 1911.
Emily E Bartholomew born abt 1884 London a Curler in the Feather trade 1911.


Benjamin Bartholomew 1840-
Married 1st Wife 14/Dec/1862 St.Paul Covent Garden, Strand.
1st Wife Grace Annie Coleman born abt 1845 St.James, Westminster, Middlesex.
The children of Benjamin Bartholomew and Grace Annie Coleman were.

Benjamin W Bartholomew born abt 1864 St.James, Westminster.
Louisa E Bartholomew born abt 1865 St.James, Westminster.

Married 2nd Wife 1875 Westminster.
2nd Wife Arabella Roe born abt 1841 Clerkenwell, London, died 1893 Lambeth.

Married 3rd Wife 29/Jul/1894 St.Mary at Lambeth, Surrey.
Brides father Patrick Stack a Labourer and Bus Conductor.
Witnesses George William Hayler and Julie Jane Hayler.
3rd Wife Lucy Stack born abt 1873.


Joseph Richard Bartholomew 1848-1934
Married 1871 Croydon, Surrey.
Wife Sophia Knight born 23/Mar/1846 Croydon, Surrey, died 27/Nov/1917, Buried
04/Dec/1917 at Queens Road Cemetery, Croydon, Surrey, England.
The children of Joseph Richard Bartholomew and Sophia Knight were.

Florence Malvina Bartholomew born 07/Apr/1873 Croydon, Surrey, an Ass Confectioner.
Nora Alice Bartholomew born 01/Jul/1874 Croydon, Surrey, a Domestic Cook.
William Ernest Bartholomew known as Ernest William Bartholomew born
31/May/1876 Croydon, Surrey, died 17/Jan/1952 Selhurst, Croydon, Surrey.
Thomas Scott Bartholomew born abt 1878 Croydon, Surrey, Buried 17/May/1879
at Queen's Road Cemetery, Croydon, Surrey.
Emma Bartholomew born abt 1880 Croydon, Surrey, died 29/Jun/1904, Buried
July/1904 at Queens Road cemetery, Croydon, Surrey, a Nurse.
Joseph Henry Bartholomew born 16/Jan/1882 Croydon, Surrey, died 11/Feb/1958 South Whitley, Indiana, Buried 14/Feb/1958 at South Whitley Cemetery, Indiana a Carpenter.
Albert Bartholomew born 29/Nov/1883 Croydon, Surrey, 05/May/1961 Croydon.
Ellen Bartholomew born 05/Oct/1886, died 01/Apr/1958 Croydon, Surrey, England.


Arthur Griffiths Bartholomew 1863-1944

Married 06/Sep/1887 Selhurst, Surrey
Brides father George Wood of Sevenoaks, Kent a Gardener.
Wife Rosa Ann Wood born abt 1864 Croydon, Surrey.
The children of Arthur Griffiths Bartholomew and Rosa Ann Wood were.

Beatrice Rosa Bartholomew born abt 1888 Sydenham Terrace, Croydon, Surrey,
Bapt 15/Jul/1888 Selhurst, Croydon, a Shop Assistant in 1911.
Louisa Bartholomew born abt 1890 4 Beaconsfield Road, Croydon, Surrey, Bapt
08/Jun/1890 Selhurst, Croydon, a Dressmaker in 1911.
Ethel Bartholomew born 14/Feb/1895 4 Beaconsfield Road, Croydon, Surrey,
Bapt 22/Sep/1895 Selhurst, Croydon Surrey.
Frederick Arthur Bartholomew born 06/May/1897 4 Beaconsfield Road, Croydon,
Surrey, Bapt 13/Jun/1897 Selhurst, Croydon, Surrey.


Joseph Bartholomew 1864-

Married 11/Jul/1886 St.Thomas, Agar Town, Surrey.
Brides father William Horton of Camberwell, Surrey a Bootmaker.
Witnesses William Horton and Elizabeth Florence Horton.
Wife Martha Jemima Horton born 04/Jan/1869 Battersea, Surrey.
The children of Joseph Bartholomew and Martha Jemima Horton were.

Margarette Matilda Bartholomew born 17/Oct/1886 Islington, London.
Harold Bartholomew born abt 1896 Fulham, London, Assistant Effects Picture Theatre in 1911.
Winifred Bartholomew born abt 1901 Kentish Town, London.
Winifred John Bartholomew born 25/Aug/1904 120 Camden Rd, St.Pancras, London,
died 20/Oct/1992 Waratah, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.


Frederick Robert Bartholomew 1858- Married 1883 Dublin South, Ireland. Wife Emma Browne born abt 1862 Dublin, Ireland. The children of Frederick Robert Bartholomew and Emma Browne were.

Frederick Bartholomew born abt 1885 Dublin, Ireland.
Arthur James Bartholomew born abt 1885 Dublin, Ireland.

Millicent Emily Mary Bartholomew born 27/Oct/1888 Bangalore, Madras, India,
Bapt 22/Nov/1888, Arrived Port San Ysidro 13/Sep/1933 Crossing Border from Mexico
to United States, died 23/Mar/1970 Sutton, Surrey. The Aunt, Guardian and manager
of the Hollywood child film star Freddie Bartholomew.

Lilian Gertrude Bartholomew born abt 1891 Warminster, Wiltshire, England.
Cecil Llewellyn Bartholomew born abt 1893 Warminster, Wiltshire, England.
Bapt 08/Mar/1893 Warminster, Wiltshire, England, died 1968.


Cecil Llewellyn Bartholomew 1893-1968
Married Oct/1919 Wandsworth, Surrey.
Brides father Alfred Clarke of Dorking, Surrey, a Bricklayer
Wife Lilian May Clarke born 18/Oct/1900 Southfields, Middlesex, England.
died Aug 1996 in Wandsworth, London, England.
The children of Cecil Llewellyn Bartholomew and Lilian May Clarke were.

Eileen Lilian Bartholomew born abt 1920 Marylebone, London, England.
Hilda M Bartholomew born abt 1922 Marylebone, London, England.


Frederick Cecil Bartholomew born 28/Mar/1924, 17 Radcliffe Avenue, Harlesden,
Willesden, NW London, England, died 23/Jan/1992 Sarasota, Florida, USA.
Freddie Bartholomew was a Hollywood child star appearing in.

Toyland 1930
Fascination 1931
Strip Strip Hooray 1931
Lily Christine 1932
Professional Soldier 1935
David Copperfield 1935
Anna Karenina 1935
Little Lord Fauntleroy 1936
Professional Soldier 1935
The Devil is a Sissy 1936
Lloyd's of London 1936
Kidnapped 1938
Lord Jeff 1938
Listen Darling 1938
The Spirit of Culver 1939
Two Bright Boys 1939
Swiss Family Robinson 1940
Tom Brown's School Days 1940
Naval Academy 1941
Cadets on Parade 1942
A Yank at Eton 1942
Junior Army 1942
The Town Went Wild 1944
St.Benny the Dip 1951
Captains Courageous 1937
Kidnapped 1938

Later had a career in advertising with the Benton and Bowles agency in New York.


Further associations not listed here:

Bond, North, Coley, Pritchard, Aston, Blewett, Berrey, Tofield, Kettle,
Gutteridge, Slane, Gingell, King, Bligh, Capel, Gurney, McCarter, Holt,
Woodcock, Denison, Bannister, Hindley.