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Richard Henry Battley born on 03/Sep/1814 and Baptised on 11/Sep/1814 at,
St.Mary the Virgin, Burnham On Crouch, Essex, England.
He left England on board The Orleana on 29/Feb/1840 and arrived at Port Adelaide on 10/Jun/1840. A Cabinet Maker and Publican, died unknown.

Married on 11/Jul/1840 in Adelaide, South Australia.
Brides father John Moffett, a Barracks Master.

Wife Priscilla Moffett born on 17/Jul/1821 at Horseferry Rd, St.Margarets,
Westminster and Baptised on 26/Aug/1821 and died 11/Dec/1900 St.Pancras, Workhouse.


Priscilla also travelled on the Orleana via The Downs under Captain Alex Cameron and
259 passengers but it is not known where she and Richard first met. After marriage they
lived at 14 Carrington St, Adelaide. On 06/Dec/1842 Richard is declared insolvent.
Family rumour suggests that the modest family fortune went down with a cargo ship.
In 1843 Richard and Priscilla returned to England aboard the barque The Arachne
under the name Mr and Mrs Moffatt. It is assumed that they escaped their debts. During
the voyage thier first child was born just off the coast of Brazil.


Birth certificate written by the Captain of the Arachne.


The children of Richard Henry Battley and Priscilla Moffett were.


Frederick Moffatt Henry Battley born 14/Aug/1843 at Sea on the Barque
The Arachne, Bapt 05/Nov/1843 at St.Mary Lambeth, Middlesex and died on 19/Sep/1890
Marylebone, London, England.

On 06/Aug/1863 Frederick Moffatt Henry Battley joined the Navy serving on the
Sultan. His record states that he had auburn hair, grey eyes, a fair complexion
and was 5.11 tall. He served for 10 years and then became a Prison Warden in Woking.

Amelia Sarah Battley born on 24/Jul/1846 at 16 Garden Row, London Rd, St.George.
Southwark, London and Bapt on 12/Sep/1847 St.George The Martyr, Southwark, Surrey.
At the age of 18 she left England on the Ocean Chief from Plymouth to Australia arriving
07/Apr/1864 as a servant under the employ of John Howell a Master Tailor from Dublin.
She married Edward Dunn, son of John Dunn on 27/Jun/1873 at St.Augustine Church,
Virginia, Adelaide, Australia. Amelia died on 05/Jul/1933 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Priscilla Battley born on 26/Feb/1850 at 7 Carey St, St.Johns, Middlesex, England.
Married 1st Husband Joseph Anthony Vincent Stritzko, a Financial Agent and
Accountant. She married 2nd Husband Henry Nye, a journeyman Baker and the son of
Samuel Taylor Nye on 24/Apr/1887 at St.Pancras, Camden, England.
Priscilla died on 13/Feb/1937 at 38 Drummond cresent, St.Pancras, Camden, England.


Alfred Horace Battley was a waiter, a Meter Index taker for the Gas company and a Railway Clerk.

Alfred Horace Battley born on 04/Mar/1854 at 21 Bowling St, Westminster, England.
and died on 21/aug/1932 in Hammersmith, London, England.

Rosina Battley born a twin on 24/Sep/1856 at 21 Bowling St, Westminster and was
Bapt on 30/Jun/1868 at St.George, Bloomsbury, Finsbury, London, England. She died abt
Jun/1909 in St.Pancras, Workhouse. She was a dressmaker.

Crissy Battley born a twin on 24/Sep/1856 at 21 Bowling St, Westminster and was
Bapt on 30/Jun/1868 at St.George, Bloomsbury, Finsbury, London, England.
She married James Carr Johnson, a Gasfitter and son of William Carr Johnson
on 19/Aug/1883 at St.George Hanover Square, London, England. Crissy died on
08/Jan/1900 at 16 Charwood Place, St.George Hanover Square, London, England.


Frederick Moffatt Henry Battley 1843-1890.

Married on 07/Jul/1877 at St.Mark, Regents Park, London, England.
Brides father John Sawkins of Barking, Essex, England, a Vitriol mixer.
Witnesses Allen Jame Hewitt, Richard Willsden and Maria Willsden.
Wife Emma Jane Sawkins born abt 1849, Bapt on 29/Apr/1849. Emma died abt 1933
in Romford, Essex. The Caretaker of a burial home 1901, living 19 Priory Rd, Barking,
Essex, England in 1911.


The children of Frederick Moffatt Henry Battley and Emma Jane Sawkins were.


Emma, Henry junior, Jessie and daughter Emma.

Emma Amelia Battley born on 03/Jun/1878 in Creeksmouth, Barking, Essex, England.
Bapt on 30/Jun/1878, Barking, Essex. Married Alfred Young,a Gas Manufacturer,
the son of Walter Young on 09/Jul/1904 at The Meeting Room, Ace st, Barking, Essex.
Emma died on 18/May/1954 in Tavistock, Devon, England.

Jessie Mary Battley born on 01/Dec/1884 Barking, Essex. Married George Sawyer
a Gas Engineer and Civil defence officer, the son of George Sawyer on 03/Apr/1913 at
The Baptist Tabernacle, Luton Rd, Barking, Essex. Jessie died 07/May/1954 at The Cabin,
Tainters Hill, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, she was a Teacher.

Henry Alfred Battley born on 09/Jul/1886 Woking, Surrey, England. He died abt
Sep/1946 in Ilford, Essex, England, a Bricklayer and Car Mechanic.
Married Gladys Harley, a Milliner, daughter of James Charles Harley
on 07/Feb/1914 at St.Bartholomews Church, East Ham, Essex, England.
The children of Henry Alfred Battley and Gladys Harley were.

Eileen Grace Battley born on 26/Nov/1914 at 22 Essex Rd, Barking, Romford,
Essex England. Eileen died abt May/1989 in Bromley, Kent, England.


Alfred Horace Battley 1854-1932.

Married in 27/Oct/1880 at St.Margaret, Westminster, London, England.
Brides father William Bartholomew of St.James, London an Architect.
Witnesses William Bartholomew and Mary Ann Clark.

Wife Louisa Lydia Bartholomew born on 06/Mar/1861 at 2 Marlborough St, St.James,
Westminster, Louisa died on 29/Oct/1945 at 19 Carthew Rd, Hammersmith, London.



The children of Alfred Horace Battley and Louisa Lydia Bartholomew were.

Frederick Benjamin Battley born on 25/Dec/1880 at 64 Canterbury Rd, Croyden,
Surrey, England. Frederick died on 17/May/1946 at 10 Harold Rd, Leytonstone, Essex,
England, he was a House painter and Plumber.

Henry Alfred Vardon Battley born on 06/Dec/1882 at 64 Canterbury Rd, Croyden,
Surrey, England. Henry died on 06/Apr/1887 in Southampton, England.

Rosina Battley born on 18/Dec/1883 at 54 Stanley Rd, Croyden, Surrey, England.
Rosina died on 04/Apr/1886 in Southampton, England.

Cressy Mary Battley born on 13/Mar/1886 at 112 Brinton's Rd, Southampton, Hants.
Married Alfred James Vokes an Operator of Cable Telegrapgh, the son of
Alfred Vokes on 31/Aug/1907 at The Registery Office, Fulham, Greater London.
Cressy Mary's death date and place are unknown.



Frederick James Hook, with wife Elizabeth Louise Hook nee Battley
and their children taken in 1916.

Elizabeth Louise Battley born on 25/Apr/1887 in Southampton, Hants.
Died on 27/Jul/1967 in Kent, England, an Examiner in Ironing Room 1911.
Married Frederick James Hook a Carman, son of George Hook
on 18/Aug/1909 at St.Peter, Hammersmith, London, England.

Arthur Bartholomew Battley born on 06/Oct/1888 at 3 Parsonage Rd,
Southampton, Hants. Arthur died on 26/Nov/1953 Hammersmith, London, England.
He was a Heating Engineer.

William James Battley born on 11/Mar/1891 at 41 Tachbrook St, Westminster,
London, England. William died abt Mar/1892 in St.Giles, London, England.

Albert Edward Battley born on 15/Mar/1893 at 22 Southerton Rd, Fulham,
Hammersmith. Albert died abt Oct/1896 in Fulham, London, England.


Photograph taken in 1906, Hilda, Amelia, Louisa and the youngest Priscilla with
their grandmother Louisa Lydia Battley.

Amelia Gladys Battley born on 13/Jul/1894 at 62 Overstone Rd, Hammersmith,
London, England. Married 1st Husband John Walter Boram. a Walking Stick Maker,
the son of John William Boram. on 12/Jun/1915 at St.Johns Church, Hammersmith,
London, England. Married 2nd Husband Herbert Bristow,, a Clerk and Inspector for
The Inland revenue, the son of John William Bristow, on 18/Feb/1953 at
The Ealing Registery Office, Middlesex, England.
Amelia died on 08/Dec/1955 in Margate, Thanet, Kent, England.

Louisa Lydia Battley born on 04/Oct/1895 at 62 Overstone Rd, Hammersmith,
London. Married Leslie James Chandler, a Civil Servant, and the son of
Stephen Chandler on 29/Mar/1924 in Hammersmith, London, England.
Louisa died on 20/Feb/1961 at Sutton Surrey, Mid Eastern, England.

Hilda Florence Battley born on 01/Dec/1897 in Hammersmith, London.
Married Oliver William Cromwell, a Chartered Sercretary, the son of
Joseph Guppy Cromwell on 11/Jun/1953 at Thanet Registry Office, Kent.
Hilda died abt Dec/1981 in Thanet, Kent, England.

Priscilla Maud Battley born on 03/Sep/1902 in Hammersmith, London.
Married Charles Edward Percivall, a Clerk, the son of
Charles Alfred Percivall on 25/May/1925 at St.Johns Church, Hammersmith,
London. Priscilla died on 09/Aug/1987 in Maidstone, Kent, England.


Frederick Benjamin Battley 1880-1946.

Married 1st Wife on 23/Sep/1900 in Putney, London, England.
Brides father Edwin Henry Ferney of Battersea, Surrey a Sailor and Scaffolder.
Witnesses William Ferney and Philip Evans.
1st Wife Eleanor Susannah Ferney born on 14/May/1880 at 14 Sefton St, Putney,
London, England. Bapt on 10/Jun/1883 at St.Marys, Putney, Wandsworth, Eleanor died
on 17/Oct/1924 at Whipps Cross Hosp, while living at 48 Pearcroft Rd, Leytonstone,
West Ham, Essex, England.


Married 2nd Wife on 14/Mar/1925 in West Ham, Essex, England.
Brides father Arthur Thomas Randles a Fisherman.
Witnesses G Bowen and W M Erskine.
2nd Wife Sarah Ethel Mary Jackson nee Sarah Ethel Mary Randles
born abt 1891 Toxteth Park, Lancashire, England. Sarah died on 17/Jan/1945
at 10 Harold Rd, Leytonstone, Essex, England.



Married 3rd Wife on 28/Jul/1945 at St.Johns, Leytonstone, Essex, England.
Brides father Arthur William Player of West Ham, Essex, a Caterer.
Witnesses James Widerly Col and R Place.
3rd Wife Louisa May Place nee Louisa May Player
born on 14/May/1894 in Shoreditch, London. Louisa died on 29/Jul/1990 while living
at 28 Broxburn Drive, South Ockendon, Essex, England.



Taken circa 1917. Frederick and 1st wife Eleanor, oldest son Alfred, Priscilla, Eleanor, George, Hilda, Charlie, William, Violet, and baby Rose.


The children of Frederick Benjamin Battley and Eleanor Susannah Ferney were.

Alfred Edwin Battley born on 03/Apr/1901 at 24 Overstone Rd, Hammersmith, Fulham.
Alfred died on 16/Sep/1981 while living at 63 Barclay Rd, Walthamstow, a Navy Medical
and Head Porter at Whips Cross Hospital until retired.

Ethel Louisa Battley born 10/Nov/1902, at Queen Charlotte Hosp, Marylebone,
Married Clement Joseph Flanagan. a Stocktaker, Traffic Dept Guiness, abt Mar/1931
Dublin South, Ireland. Ethel died on 02/Apr/1982 in Dublin Ireland.

Walter Frederick Battley born on 03/Feb/1904 at 54 Overstone Rd, Hammersmith.
Walter died on 19/Aug/1905 in Fulham, London, England.

Eleanor Maude Battley born on 31/Mar/1905 at 882 Garratt Lane, Upper Tooting,
Wandsworth. Bapt on 01/Nov/1906 in Upper Tooting, Wandsworth, died unknown.

George Henry Battley born on 08/Nov/1907 in Fulham, London. Left home at 14 years
old. Married Alice Knight, the daughter of John Knight on 02/May/1931 at
The Registry Office, West Ham, Essex, England. George died abt Sep/1995 in East Cowes,
Isle of Wight, a Wood Machinist, Carpenter and Joiner.

Hilda Rosina Battley born on 06/Jun/1909 at 46 Clifden Rd, Clapton, Hackney, London.
Married Guido Franz Giovanni Bernardi, an Electrical Engineer on 09/Aug/1929 at
St.Pauls Parish Church, Slough. Hilda died on 05/Jun/1978 in Nanaimo, British Columbia,
Canada. She was a Waitress Strand Palace Hotel, London.

William Arthur Battley born on 07/Aug/1910 at 46 Clifden Rd, Clapham, Hackney.
Married Ethel Esther Frewin on 10/Feb/1934 in Richmond, Surrey, England.
William died on 19/Jun/1982 in Roehampton, Surrey. He was an RAF Batman during
the War and Foreman at Watney's Brewery until Retired.

Charles Battley born on 02/02/1912 at 94 Elderfield Road, Clapton, Hackney,
Married Florence Marion Usher, daughter of Thomas Edward Usher
in abt Nov/1934 in Shoreditch, London, England. Charles died abt May/1994, in
Coalville, Leicestershire, England.

Violet Winifred Battley born on 17/Oct/1913 at 94 Elderfield Road, Clapton,
Hackney. Married Robert John Howatson, Whos family owned Leather Tannery
and factories in India, the son of William Hubert Cyril Howatson
Violet died 08/Jan/2000 Farnborough, Hampshire, England, a Dental Nurse.

Rosina Mary Battley born on 31/Jan/1916 in West Ham, Essex, England.
Married Sidney Charles Williams, a Cabinet Maker, the son of
Alfred Williams on 11/Aug/1944 at The Registry Office, West Ham, Essex.
Rosina died abt Jan/1994 in Hackney, London. She was a Nursing Sister.


Louisa Edith Battley 1919-2004.

Louisa Edith Battley born on 16/Apr/1919 at 48 Pearcroft Road, Leyton,
Married 1st Husband Charles Henry Painter, a Policeman, the son of
William Henry Painter on 06/Jun/1942 at St.John The Evangelist,
Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex, England.
Married 2nd Husband John Frederick Cutter, a Manager of a Petrol Pump Station,
the son of William George Cutter on 08/Feb/1960 at North Surrey Registry Office.
Married 3rd Husband Edward Henry Bosworth the son of Henry Bosworth
abt Nov/1966 at Surrey Mid Eastern, Surrey England.
Louisa died abt Nov/2004 East Surrey, a Nurse.

May Battley born on 09/May/1921 in West Ham, Essex, England
Married Charles Henry Crow, son of Charles James Crow
on 20/Sep/1941 at Christ Church, Leyton, Essex, England.
May died abt Feb/2002 in Harlow, Middlesex, a Mica Worker.

Albert Edward Battley born on 29/Jan/1923 in West Ham, Essex, England.
Married Joyce Lilian Laver, a Hairdresser and the daughter of
Albert Frederick Laver on 28/Nov/1942 at The Baptist Church,
Station Rd, West Hendon, Middlesex. Albert died abt Nov/1991 Worthing,
Sussex and was an Army Signalman during The Second World War.

Arthur Harold Battley born on 11/Oct/1924 in West Ham, Essex, England.
Married Audrey Wheeler, the daughter of James Frederick Wheeler
abt Dec/1952 at The Registry Office, West Ham, Essex, England.
Arthur died on 30/Apr/2006 in Colchester. He was a Police Constable and
a member of the Ambulance Service.


Arthur Bartholomew Battley 1888-1953.

Married on 22/Mar/1913 in Hammersmith, London, England.
Brides father Thomas Carmen of Rotherhithe, Bermondsey, a Woodchopper.
Witnesses William E Carmen and Alfred Battley.
Wife Elizabeth Edith Carmen born abt 1889 Fulham, London.
Elizabeth died on 27/Dec/1960 Hammersmith, London.


The children of Arthur Bartholomew Battley and Elizabeth Edith Carmen were.

Gwendoline Maud Battley born on 05/Nov/1914 at 12 Vespan Rd, Hammersmith,
London, England. Married Allan Clarance McQuarrie, of the Canadian Army and
the son of Thomas McQuarrie on 19/Jun/1943 at The Parish Church, St.Lukes,
Hammersmith, London, England. Gwendoline died abt Feb/1987 Hammersmith, London.

John Benjamin Battley born on 17/Oct/1915 at 12 Vespan Road, Hammersmith,
London. Married Joan Martin, the daughter of Albert Edward Martin,
on 14/Dec/1940 at St.Gabriels Parish Church, North Acton. John died on 25/Jun/1985
Surrey, South Eastern, a Caterers Joiner at Lyons, Rannoch Rd.

Irene Louise Battley born on 30/May/1917 at 12 Vespan Road, Hammersmith,
London, England. Married Hubert Frederick Brown, the son of Leonard Brown
on 01/Jan/1938 at Register Office Isle of Wight, England. Irene died abt Nov/2005
on The Isle of Wight, England.

Hilda Florence Battley born 25/Dec/1920, Hammersmith, London.
Married 1st Husband John Richard Upperton, an RAF Cadet on 29/Nov/1941 at The
Parish Chirch St.Lukes, Hammersmith. Married 2nd Husband Steward Burnett, abt
Dec/1945 Brentford, Middlesex, England. She was a Book Keeper.

Arthur James Battley born on 03/Apr/1922 at 23 Tamarisk Square, Hammersmith,
London, England. Married Irene Frances Plummer, an Aircraft Examiner and
the daughter of Frederick Sydney Plummer on 17/Nov/1945 at The Church
of St.Andrews, St.Catherine Coleman, North Hammersmith. Arthur died abt Jan/1988
Fulham, London. He was a Quantity Surveyor.



Alfred Edwin Battley 1901-1981

Married 1st Wife on 06/Nov/1920 in West Ham, Essex, England.
Brides father Ernest Martin Nugent of Holborn, a House decorator and paper hanger.
1st Wife Emily Dorothy Nugent born on 21/Apr/1901 at 102 Forest Lane, Forest Gate,
West Ham, Essex, England. Emily died abt Sep/1965 Waltham Forest, London.

Married 2nd Wife on 14/Aug/1965 Waltham Forest, London, England.
Brides father Herbert Watson of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, a Company Secretary.
Witnesses C F Battley and E R Ibbett.
2nd Wife Gladys Halls nee Gladys Watson born on 30/Nov/1901 at 59 Stalker
Lees Rd, Sheffield, Yorkshire, West Riding, Gladys died on 20/Jul/1976 at 63 Barclay
Road, Walthamstow, Essex, England.


The children of Alfred Edwin Battley and Emily Dorothy Nugent were.

Marjorie Dorothy Battley born on 06/May/1921 at 138 Norman Rd, Leyton,
West Ham, Essex, England. Marjorie died abt Aug/2000 Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk,
England. She was an Aircraft Insrument maker.

Herbert Alfred Battley born a Twin on 22/11/1922, 138 Norman Rd, Leyton, West Ham,
Essex. Herbert died abt Nov/1922 Leyton, West Ham, Essex, England.

Charles Frederick Battley born a Twin on 22/11/1922 at 138 Norman Rd, Leyton,
West Ham, Essex, England. Charles died abt Jul/2007 in Australia.

Alfred Moris Battley born on 06/Dec/1924 at 97 Claude Rd, Leyton, West Ham, Essex.
Alfred died on 02/Nov/1942 at Whipps cross hospital. He was a Rowing boat attendant.

George Battley born on 08/May/1926 at 97 Claude Rd, Leyton, West Ham, Essex.
George died on 19/Nov/1967.He was hit by a car while crossing the road in Redbridge.

Albert Les Battley born on 17/Aug/1927 at 97 Claude Rd, Leyton, West Ham, Essex.
Albert died abt May/1928 in West Ham, Essex, England.

Doris Gwendoline Battley born on 21/Sept/1930 at 97 Claude Rd, Leyton, West Ham,
Essex. Doris died abt May/2003 Waltham Forest, London, England.

Jack Battley born on 12/Sep/1933 at 97 Claude Rd, Leyton, West Ham, Essex.
Jack died on 17/Aug/1981 at Chase Farm Hospital, a Carpenter and Stonemason.


Further associations not listed here:

McQuarrie, Upperton, Boram, Hook, Vokes, Langley, Millward, Dagg, Middendorfs, Knight, Bernardi, Frewin, Tremain, Tinson, Toy, Usher, Dann, Routley, Howie, Carr-Johnson, Pitt, Shields, Sharpe, Offord, Cumper, Weeks, Gunther, Brimfield, Hawkes, England, Burbidge, Albon, Garnett, Sawyer, Dawkins, Harley, Oyler, Hockaday.