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Isaac Davis 1758-1832 born 26/March/1758 St.Leonard, Shoreditch, London, Bapt
06/May/1759 St.Leonard, Shoreditch, died 20/Jul/1832 Stepney, England, a Merchant.
Probable parents William Davis and Mary Allen married 1746 St Leonards, Shoreditch.

Married 22/01/1804 St.Mildred Poultry, City of London.
Brides father John Kennard of St.Andrew Undershaft, London, a Carpenter.
Witnesses James Hewitt and Ann Kennard.
Wife Mary Kennard born abt 1767 St.Andrew Undershaft, London.
The children of Isaac Davis and Mary Kennard were.

Hewitt Davis born 16/Aug/1804 St.Mildred Poultry, City of London, died
19/Jul/1884, 17 Nottingham Place, Marylebone, a Land Agent.
Allen Davis born 29/Jul/1806 St Mildred Poultry, City of London, died abt
1863 St Johns Wood, West London, an Auctioneer and Estate agent.
Frances Georgina Davis born 11/Aug/1808 Margate, Kent, Bapt 11/Feb/1810,
died abt Jun/1872 Buckland Newton, England.
James Davis born 01/Jun/1812 Margate, Kent, died 11/Jun/1894 Mortlake, Surrey
a Minister.


Hewitt Davis 1804-1884

Married 30/Sep/1833 St.Martin in the Fields, Westminster, Middlesex.
Brides father Robert Mennie.
Witnesses Allen Davis and Charles Perks.
Wife Maria Husbands Mennie born 17/Oct/1805 Islington, London, died abt
Mar/1884 London, Middlesex.
The children of Hewitt Davis and Maria Husbands Mennie were.

Alfred Allen Davis born abt 1836 Addington, Surrey, Bapt 11/Sep/1836
Addington, Surrey, died abt Jul/1872 Kensington a Land Surveyor.
Anne Maria Davis born abt 1837 Addington, Croydon, Surrey.
Clara Davis born abt 1839 Addington, Croydon, Surrey.
Ellen Davis born abt 1840 Addington, Croydon, Surrey.
Frances Georgiana Davis born abt 1840 Addington, Croydon, Surrey, Bapt
11/Nov/1840 Addington, Surrey.
Laura Davis born abt 1842 Addington, Croydon, Surrey.
Bertha Davis born abt 1845 Addington, Croydon, Surrey.
Norah C Davis born abt 1847 Addington, Croydon, Surrey.
Hewitt Davis born abt 1847 Addington, Croydon, Surrey, died 19/Dec/1904
Windsor, Berkshire a Retired Civil Servant living 47 Beaumont St, St.Marylebone.
Evan Hewitt Davis born 16/Apr/1852 London, Bapt 03/Feb/1864
St Marylebone, Middlesex, a Stock Broker.


Allen Davis 1806-1863

Married 1st Wife abt Sep/1837 St.Mary, Paddington.
Brides father John Dean.
1st Wife Elizabeth Dean born abt 1811 Paddington, London, died abt 1850
St.Johns Wood, West London, England.
The children of Allen Davis and Elizabeth Dean were.

Mary Sophia Davis born abt 1838 Paddington, Middlesex, died abt Mar/1906
Clapham, London.
Allen Davis born abt 1840 London, died 31/May/1891 Middlesex Living at
12 Endymion Road, Hornsey, On His Own Means, a Clerk Collector 1881.
Elizabeth Jane Davis born abt 1842 Blackfield, London.
Sutton Allen Davis born abt 1846 Paddington, Middlesex, living with
brother Allen at 12 Endymion Rd, Hornsey during 1891 Census an Epileptic Living
On His Own Means.
Arthur Dean Davis born abt 03/Oct/1849 Paddington, Middlesex died 1852.

Allen Davis 1806-1863

Married 2nd Wife abt Sep/1853 Marylebone, London.
2nd Wife Ann Guthrie born abt 1818 Truro, Cornwall, England.
Brides father Thomas Anesty Guthrie of Kenwyn, Truro, Cornwall.
The children of Allen Davis and Ann Guthrie were.

Frank Anesty Davis born abt 1854 Twickenham, Middlesex, A Secretary To A
Limited Mercantile Company living at 8 Woodgrange Avenue, Ealing, Brentford,
Middlesex in 1911.
Percy Guthrie Davis born abt 1856 Hamilton Terrace, St.Johns Wood,
Middlesex, died 13/Feb/1929 Middlesex, a Company Secretary 1911.
Annie Guthrie Davis born abt 1856 St.Johns Wood, Middlesex, died 20/Feb/1890,
2 Salisbury Rd, West Brighton.
Walter Lance Guthrie Davis born abt 1862 St.Johns Wood, London, died 05/Feb/1935
Westminster Hospital living at 51 Ethelbert Rd, Wimbledon, Surrey a Secretary of the
Trade Association 1911.


James Davis 1812-1894

Married 11/Jun/1845 St.Mary, Lambeth.
Brides father John Shelly of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, a Merchant.
Wife Agnes Shelly born 05/May/1824 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, died 22/Oct/1911
Mortlake, Surrey England.
The children of James Davis and Agnes Shelly were.

James Kennard Davis born 12/Jul/1846 Denton, Norfolk, died 12 May 1914
London Surrey, England, living 117 High St, Mortlake 1911 On His Own Means.
Shelly Kennard Davis born 14/Feb/1848 Denton, Norfolk, died 08/Feb/1933
Heathmere, Roehampton Park, Surrey, an Underwriter Assuarnce Company in 1901.
Allen Kennard Davis born abt 1849, Bapt 27/Oct/1850 Congregational Chapel,
Denton, Norfolk, died 23/Jul/1919 Penzance, Cornwall.
Arthur Kennard Davis born 02/Mar/1852, 9 Eccleston Terrrace, Belgravia, London,
died 1872 At sea aboard The Albert Viictor from Calcutta.
Hewitt Kennard Davis born 02/Sept/1853, 9 Eccleston Terrrace, Belgravia, London,
died 23/Jun/1903 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland.
Ernest Edward Kennard Davis born 08/Jan/1856 Rochester, Kent, died 16/Dec/1916
Middlesex, England.
Agnes Kennard Davis born 15/02/1858 Rochester, Kent, died 18/Mar/1895
Nice, Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur, France.
Leonard Kennard Davis born 06/Apr/1860, 72 St. George's Road, Pimlico, London,
died 13/Dec/1938 Kent, England.
Lucy Ellen Davis born 09/Aug/1862 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, Middlesex, died
17/Oct/1941, 2 Carlton Drive, Putney.
Charles Cull Kennard Davis born 16/Aug/1866 Tottenham, Middlesex, died
01/Oct/1928 Argentina.


Alfred Allen Davis 1836-1865
Married 31/Mar/1861 St George, Bloomsbury, Camden, Middlesex.
Brides father Henry Medland, Offices Etc Venice.
Witnesses Robert Phillips Chambey and Louisa Chambers.
Wife Eliza Medland born abt 1836 Islington, Middlesex.


Allen Davis 1840-1891

Married 04/Apr/1871 St.Mark, Myddelton Square, Holbron, London.
Brides father Thomas Matthews.
Wife Frances M Matthews born abt 1835 Gloucestershire, England.
The children of Allen Davis and Frances M Matthews were.

Matilda C Davis born 1870 West Ham, Essex.


Frank Anesty Davis 1854-

Married abt Dec/1885 Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales.
Emily Jane Stuart Covernton born abt 1862 Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales.
The children of Frank Anesty Davis and Emily Jane Stuart Covernton were.

Frank G Davis born abt 1886 Hammersmith, London, England.
Kathleen Margery Davis born abt 1892 Kensington, London, England.


Walter Lance Guthrie Davis 1862-1935

Married 1883 Kensington, London.
Wife Rosita Adelina Hood born abt 1864 Hayle, St Domingo, West Indies,
died abt Dec/1929 Kingston, Surrey, England.
The children of Walter Lance Guthrie Davis and Rosita Adelina Hood were.

Cyril Lance Davis born abt 1884 Notting Hill, Kensington, Greater London
living 82 Worple Road Wimbledon, Surrey in 1911 a Merchants Clerk.
Vyvyan Oswald Davis born abt 1885 Bayswater, Kensington, London, died abt
Dec /1918 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England.
Roseta Mary Davis known as Zita born abt 1892 West Kensington, London.
Wilfred Allen Davis born abt 1894 Ramsgate, Kent, England.


Shelly Kennard Davis 1848-1933

Married 1st Wife 04/Sep/1879 Holy Trinity, Kilburn, Brent, Middlesex.
Brides father Edmund Rushworth a Surveyor.
Witnesses Allen Kennard Davis and Laura Grace Rushworth.
1st Wife Edith Rushworth born abt 1846 Marylebone, Middlesex, died 13/Oct/1887
Islington, Middlesex, England.
The children of Shelly Kennard Davis and Edith Rushworth were.

Susie Agnes Shelly Davis born abt 1881 Kilburn, Middlesex, Bapt 21/Jul/1881
Holy Trinity, Kilburn, Middlesex.
Rushworth Kennard Davis born 02/Mar/1883 Hampstead, Greater London, died
20/Jan/1969 Cardigan, Pembrokeshire, Wales, The Master of Magdalen College School.

Shelly Kennard Davis 1848-1933

Married 2nd Wife 23/Jun/1892 St.Cyprian, Edge Hill, Lancashire.
Brides father Robert Cassey Currey of Liverpool, Lancashire.
Witnesses Kennard Davis and John Currey.
2nd Wife Ellen Mawdesley Currey born abt 1854 Merseyside Liverpool.
The children of Shelly Kennard Davis and Ellen Mawdesley Currey were.

Ellen Irene Davis born 28/Apr/1893 Putney, Surrey, England, died 04/Aug/1977
St.Cecilia Nursing Home, Budleigh, Salterton.
Elizabeth Kennard Davis born 02/Jul/1895 Roehampton, Surrey, England, died
09/Oct/1988 Budleigh, Salterton, in the East Devon Area.


Ernest Edward Kennard Davis 1856-1916

Married 05/Apr/1882 Rosario, Argentina.
Wife Clarita Parmenta Perkins.
The children of Ernest Edward Kennard Davis and Clarita Parmenta Perkins were.

Clarita Ines Kennard Davis born 21/Feb/1883 Rosario, Argentina.
Lola Lucy Sarita Kennard Davis born 23/Jan/1885 Rosario, Argentina.
Maria Elena Kennard Davis born 25/Jan/1887 Rosario, Argentina.
Ernest William Kennard Davis born 07/Mar/1889 Rosario, Argentina.
Alicira May Kennard Davis born 07/May/1894, died 09/May/1896 Rosario, Argentina.
Frank Edward Kennard Davis born 04/May/1896 Rosario, Argentina, died
12/Sept/1976 Chichester, West Sussex, England.


Ernest Edward Kennard Davis 1856-1916.


Charles Cull Kennard Davis 1866-1928

Married 10/Oct/1894 Iglesia San Bartolome, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
Wife Alice Maria Cooper. born abt 1865 Victoria, Australia.
The children of Charles Cull Kennard Davis and Alice Maria Cooper were.

Phyllis Alice Agnes Kennard Davis born 23/Aug/1895 Argentina.
James Astley Kennard Davis born 26/Aug/1897 Argentina.
John Kennard Davis born 02/Oct/1900 Argentina, died 14/SEP/1986.


Further associations not listed here:

Cull, Bliss, Millard, Medland, Mack, Airey, Sinnot, Hunt, Vyse.