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The children of Thomas Nugent and Ann both born circa 1760 were.

Thomas Nugent born 05/Jun/1782 St.Andrew, Holborn, London, died 1855 a Shoemaker.
William Nugent born abt 1784 St.Andrew, Holborn, London, Bapt 29/Aug/1784
St.Andrew, Holborn, address given Hatton Wall.
Richard Nugent born abt 1787 St.Andrew, Holborn, London, Bapt 05/Sep/1787
St.Andrew, Holborn, address given Hatton Wall, died abt 1821 London.
Robert Daniel Nugent born 05/Sep/1790 St.Martin in the fields, Westminster,
died 1857 a Lead manufacturer and Druggist.
Martha Ann Nugent born 03/Feb/1793 St.Andrew, Holborn, London.
Ann Nugent born 16/Jul/1797 St.Andrew, Holborn, London.


Thomas Nugent 1782-1855
Married 19/Jun/1804 St.Andrew, Holborn, London.
Wife Elizabeth Homan born abt 1784 Stepney, Middlesex, died 1854 Surrey.
The children of Thomas Nugent and Elizabeth Homan were.

Mary Nugent born abt 1805 St.James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, died 1806.
John Ross Nugent born 19/May/1806 Maid Lane, St.Saviour, Southwark, Bapt
13/Aug/1806 St.Saviour, died 1885 Fitzroy, Victoria Australia a Cheesemonger.
Mary Egerton Nugent born abt 1810 St.Georges, Southwark, London.
Thomas Nugent born 14/Jun/1811 Maid Lane, St.Saviour, Southwark, died 1855 Surrey.
Frances Nugent born 24/Jun/1813 Maid Lane, St.Saviour, Southwark, London, Bapt
19/Sept/1913 Saint Saviour, Southwark, died 05/Jan/1815 Surrey.
Anne Nugent born 25/Jan/1815 St.Saviour, Southwark, London, Bapt 23/Nov/1817
Saint Saviour, Southwark, died Jul/1869 Newington, Surrey.
Richard Nugent born 05/Jun/1817 Saint Saviour, Southwark, London, Bapt
23/Nov/1817 St.Saviour, Southwark, died 23/Apr/1890 Camberwell London a Rug Dresser.
Francis Nugent born 14/Apr/1819 Whitehind Alley, St.Saviour, Southwark, London,
Bapt 10/Feb/1822 St.Saviour, Southwark a Grainer.
Henry Nugent born 15/Aug/1821 Whitehind Alley, St.Saviour, Southwark, London,
Bapt 10/Feb/1822 St.Saviour, Southwark, died Oct/1908 London a Painter.
James Nugent born 29/Jan/1826 Saint Saviour, Southwark, London, a Grainer
and Sheepskin Rug Manufacturer Employing 10 Men and 2 Boys in 1881.
Mary Ann Nugent born 21/Feb/1834 Saint Saviour, Southwark, London.


Robert Daniel Nugent 1790-1857
Married 1st Wife 29/Apr/1829 Saint George, Bloomsbury, Camden, Middlesex.
1st Wife Ann Hurrell

Married 2nd Wife 20/May/1832 Saint George, Bloomsbury, Camden, Middlesex.
Brides father William Gook.
Witnesses John Rawlins and Edith Rawlins.
2nd Wife Mary Ann Gook born abt 1811 St.Pancras, Camden, Middlesex, died
26/Feb/1849 Camden.
The children of Robert Daniel Nugent and Mary Ann Gook were.

Frederick Robert Nugent born 01/Apr/1834 Parish Church, St.Pancras, Camden, Bapt
25/Jan/1835 Parish Church, St.Pancras, died 22/May/1884 Wandsworth a Solicitors Clerk.
Thomas Daniel Nugent born 27/Dec/1837 Parish Church, St.Pancras, Camden, Bapt
29/Jun/1837 Parish Church, St.Pancras a Warehouseman.
Mary Ann Nugent born 29/Apr/1839 Kings Cross, St.Pancras, Bapt 23/Jun/1839
Old Church, Saint Pancras, Camden.
Martha Anne Nugent born 07/Jun/1843 St Pancras, London, Bapt 17/Sept/1843
Old Church, Saint Pancras, Camden.
George James Nugent born abt 1846 St.Pancras, Camden, died Jul/1900 Saint Pancras,
Camden a General Dealer.


John Ross Nugent 1806-1885
Married 18/Dec/1825 St Mary, Newington, Southwark, Surrey.
Witnesses William Williams and Rebecca Mason.
Wife Louisa Swain born abt 1805 Southwark, Surrey, England.
The children of John Ross Nugent and Louisa Swain were.

Louisa Nugent born abt Stepney, London, Bapt 27/May/1827 St.Dunstan and All
Saints, Tower Hamlets,
Thomas Nugent born abt 1836 Southwark, Surrey.
John William Nugent born abt 1837 Lambeth, Surrey, Bapt 30/Jun/1837 St.John
the Evangelist, Lambeth.


Richard Nugent 1817-1890
Married 1st Wife 14/Mar/1841 St.Olave Southwark, Surrey.
Brides father Matthew Buck a HotelKeeper.
Witnesses George Bailey and Mary Bailey.
1st Wife Caroline Susannah Buck born 27/Apr/1823 Bermondsey, Surrey, died Dec/1856
Camberwell, Surrey, London.
The children of Richard Nugent and Caroline Susannah Buck were.

Richard Nugent born abt Jun/1841 Albany Row, Saint George, Camberwell, Surrey,
died 1891 Camberwell, Surrey, a Skin dresser.
Mary Nugent born 06/Oct/1843 Albany Row, Saint George, Camberwell, London,
Bapt 29/Oct/1843 Saint George, Camberwell, Surrey. Albany Row, Saint George, Camberwell,
George Henry Nugent born 24/Apr/1845 Albany Row, Saint George, Camberwell,
Surrey, Bapt 11/Jun/1845 St.George, Camberwell, died Mar/1871 Camberwell, Surrey.
Matthew Thomas Nugent born 23/Jun/1847 Saint George, Camberwell, Bapt 12/Sep/1847
Saint George, Camberwell, died Mar/1907 Greater London.
William Nugent born abt 1849 Neate St, Saint George, Camberwell, Surrey,
Bapt 01/Jul/1849 Saint George, Camberwell, died 1921 Surrey.
Thomas Charles Nugent born 29/Jun/1853 Neate St, Saint George, Camberwell,
Bapt 29/Jul/1853 Saint George, Camberwell, Surrey.
Caroline Nugent born abt 1855 Camberwell, Surrey.

Richard Nugent 1817-1890
Married 2nd Wife 1885 Camberwell, London.
Brides father Thomas Eades.
2nd Wife Hannah Eades born abt 1839 Wandsworth, Surrey, died 29/Jan/1914 London.


Richard Nugent 1841-1891
Married 17/Mar/1872 Holy Trinity, Newington, Surrey.
Brides father John Firminger of Newington, Surrey, a Charcoal merchant.
Witnesses John Firminger and Emily Firminger.
Wife Amelia Firminger born abt 1840 Walworth, Surrey, Bapt 27/Sep/1840 St.Mary, Lambeth,
Surrey, died Mar/1894 Camberwell, Surrey.
The children of Richard Nugent and Amelia Firminger were.

Emily Maud M Nugent born abt 1874 Lambeth, Surrey.
Richard William Nugent born abt 1877 Camberwell, Surrey.
Arthur Henry Nugent born abt 1880 Camberwell, Surrey.


Henry Nugent 1821-1908
Married 22/Feb/1850 Saint Mary, Newington, Southwark, Surrey.
Brides father John Stow.

Witnesses William Williams and Mary Nugent. Wife Mary Ann Stow born abt 1825 Colchester, Essex, England.
The children of Henry Nugent and Mary Ann Stow were.

Henry Nugent born abt 1852 St.Georges, Surrey, England.
Elizabeth Stow Nugent born abt 1855 St.Georges, Surrey, England, a Machinist 1881.
Daniel D Nugent born abt 1858 St.Georges, Surrey, England, a Painter.


James Nugent 1826-
Married 06/Sep/1856 Holy Trinity, Newington, Southwark, Surrey.
Brides father Joshua Fincher of Eversham, Worcestershire, England, a Vellum Dresser.
Witnesses John Brown and Mary Brown.
Wife Harriet Fincher born abt 1832 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, died
Apr/1891 Greenwich, London.
The children of James Nugent and Harriet Fincher were.

Alice Nugent born abt 1861 Camberwell, Surrey a Dressmaker.
Clara Nugent born abt 1863 Camberwell, Surrey, England.
Walter Nugent born abt 1865 Camberwell, Surrey, England.
Nelly Nugent born abt 1867 Camberwell, Surrey, England.
Arthur Nugent born abt 1869 Camberwell, Surrey, England.
Caroline Nugent born abt 1871 Camberwell, Surrey, England.


George James Nugent 1846-1900
Married 15/Jul/1867 Old Church, Saint Pancras, Camden.
Brides father William Wallis a Labourer.
Witnesses William Wallis and Caroline Jane James.
Wife Sarah Elizabeth Wallis born abt 1848 St Pancras, London, died abt 1898.
The children of George James Nugent and Sarah Elizabeth Wallis were.

William James Nugent born 28/Dec/1867 Middlesex Place, St.Pancras, London, Bapt
27/Jan/1868 Old Church, Saint Pancras, Camden.
George Henry Nugent born abt 1871 61 Middlesex St, St.Pancras, London, Bapt
25/Apr/1871 Christ Church, Somers Town, Camden.
Thomas Frederick Nugent born abt 1873 12 Middlesex Place, St.Pancras, London, Bapt
12/Aug/1873 Christ Church, Somers Town, Camden.
Charles Joseph Nugent born abt 1875 12 Middlesex Place, St.Pancras, London, Bapt
23/Jan/1876 Christ Church, Somers Town, Camden.
Arthur Joseph Nugent born abt 1879 62 Cromer St, St.Pancras, London.
Edwin Victor Nugent born 21/Jan/1883 St Pancras, London, died Dec/1970 Bishop
Stortford, Hertfordshire, England.
Caroline Ann Nugent born abt 1885 St Pancras, London.
Ernest Nugent born abt 1888 St Pancras, London.


Frederick Robert Nugent 1834-1884
Married 24/07/1854 Parish Church, St.Pancras, Camden, Middlesex.
Brides father Joshua Martin of London an Engineer.
Witnesses R B Ford and Anna Eliza Lacey.
Wife Emma Martin born abt 1837 Bedminster, Somerset, died 1908 St.Pancras,
Camden, Middlesex a Dealer in Fancy Goods.
The children of Frederick Robert Nugent and Emma Martin were.

Frederick Robert Nugent born 31/Mar/1855 10 Weymouth Cottages, New Rd,
Crouch End, London, died 15/Feb/1932 St.Thomas Hospital, Lambeth, Surrey a Grocers
Manager and Oilman.
Emma Ethel Nugent born 21/Dec/1856 St.Pancras, London, Bapt 02/May/1881 St.George
The Martyr, Queen Square, Camden, died 22/Nov/1948 Harrow, Middlesex, a Dressmaker.
Francis George Nugent born 14/Dec/1858 Holborn, London, died 1897 St.Pancras,
London, a Painter and Carpenter.
Ernest Martin Nugent born abt 1867 Holborn, London, died Mar/1909 West Ham, Essex,
a House decorater and Wallpaper Hanger.
Florence Nugent born 05/Mar/1862 Newington, London, Bapt 26/Apr/1886 St.George
The Martyr, Queen Square, Camden, died 1913 West Ham, Essex.
Eleanor Marion Nugent born 26/Oct/1863 Holborn, London, Bapt 26/Apr/1886
St.George The Martyr, Queen Square, Camden a Printers Compositor 1911.
Maurice Charles Nugent born abt 1867 St.Pancras, London, died 1942 Wandsworth,
a Joiner 1911 Census.
Helen Alexander Nugent born abt 1867 St.Pancras, London.
Madeline Elizabeth Nugent born abt 1875 St.Pancras, London.
Roland Edmund Nugent born abt 1875 St.Pancras, London a Baker.
Nora Nugent born a Twin 17/Mar/1877 St.Pancras, London a Hospital Nurse.
Reginald Nugent born a Twin 17/Mar/1877 St.Pancras, London, died 26/Dec/1964 at
24 The Grove, Aldershot, Hampshire, Served Essex Regiment in France during W W 1 living
20 Kenton Street, St.Pancras, London, also a Grocery Warehouseman.


Thomas Daniel Nugent 1837-
Married 11/Jan/1863 Parish Church, St.Pancras, Camden.
Brides father Charles Tombs.
Witnesses Robert Stone and M Rue Len Dye.
Wife Caroline Martha Tombs born abt 1843 Hampstead, Middlesex, England, died,
Oct/1884 London City.
The children of Thomas Daniel Nugent and Caroline Martha Tombs were.

Caroline Ada Nugent born 01/Feb/1868 St.Leonards, Shoreditch, London, died Jul/1876
London City.


Frederick Robert Nugent 1855-1932
Married 03/Jul/1882 Saint Thomas, Agar Town, Surrey.
Brides father Joseph Hawkins of Harrow on the Hill, a Farrier.
Witnesses Thomas Robert Garnett and Emma Ethel Nugent.
Wife Caroline Anne Hawkins born 07/Jul/1857 3 Queens Sq, Shoreditch, London,
died 13/Aug/1946 The Chaplains House, Colemans Hatch, Hartfield.
The children of Frederick Robert Nugent and Caroline Anne Hawkins were.

Louisa Margaret Nugent born 08/Mar/1883 76 St.Pauls Rd, Lambeth, Bapt
29/Jul/1883 Saint Thomas, Agar Town, Camden.
Eleanor Mary Nugent born 12/Jun/1884 24 Auckland Rd, Battersea, London,
died 23/Sep/1953 Greystones Nursing Home.
Frederick William Nugent born 1885, died 1886.
Mildred Ethel Nugent born 12/Feb/1890 25 St Johns Rd, Battersea, London,
Bapt 23/Nov/1898 St.Mark, Battersea Rise, Wandsworth, died 1969 Eastbourne, Sussex.


The children of Ernest Martin Nugent 1860-1909 and Emily Tugwell were.

Ernest Henry Nugent born abt 1897 Forest Gate, Essex, died 1966 Amersham,
Charles Maurice Nugent born abt 1897 Forest Gate, Essex.
Emily Dorothy Nugent born 21/Apr/1901 102 Forest Lane, Forest Gate,
West Ham Essex, died 1965 Waltham Forest, Essex.
Frederick Nugent born abt 1903 Leytonstone, Essex.
Edith Nugent born abt 1906 Leytonstone, Essex.
Francis George Nugent born 18/Jan/1908 Leytonstone, Essex.


Reginald Nugent 1877-1964
Married 05/Dec/1896 Saint John The Evangelist, Walworth.
Brides father William Probett a Mechanic.
Witnesses G A Bailey and F Bailey.
Wife Ellen Probett born 19/Nov/1877 Norwood, Surrey, died 20/Nov/1945.
Aldershot, Hampshire, England a General Domestic Servant.
The children of Reginald Nugent and Ellen Probett were.

Florence M Nugent born 08/Aug/1896 Newington, Surrey.
Charles Roland Nugent born abt 1898 Deptford, London died 15/Dec/1918 Cypress.
Ethel Nora Nugent born abt 1901 Deptford, London.
Alice Marjorie Nugent born abt 1902 Deptford, London.
Eleanor Mary Nugent born abt 1905 Deptford, London, died 29/Oct/1965
King George V Hospital, Milford.
Ada Doris Nugent born abt 1908 Deptford, London.
Edward Reginald Nugent born abt 1911 Greenwich, Deptford, Kent, died 1965
Arthur Howard Nugent born abt 1914 Aldershot, Hampshire.
Francis George Nugent born 09/Sep/1916 Aldershot, Hampshire, died
02/Mar/1980 Aldershot, Hampshire. England.
Ernest James Nugent born abt 1920 London, England, died 23/Aug/1967
RAF Hospital, Wroughton, Wiltshire.


Further associations not listed here:

Goldsmith, Cantwell, Kemp, Tuck, Meredydd, Middleton, Upton, Bailey,
Hatchard, Newman, Daniels, Atkins, Chapman, Cassini, Budgen, King,
Bacon, Russell, Bullock, Couzens, Pritchard.